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Yoga Practice
About Us

About Us

The two most powerful things we truly own is our body and our mind. With these two working at full capacity the universe is but an oyster for us.

At ShivGauree our aim is to help you build these 2 key components to maximum Strength and Stability leading you to endless adventures and possibilities!

We use the ancient art of yoga to work on the physical body. Understanding flexibility, strength and endurance.
We use a modern take on Regression therapy to work on the mind and mental level. Getting Clarity, Direction and Focus.

Our hope for you is that with Flexibility, Clarity, Strength, Direction, Endurance and Focus you find your way to becoming the creator of your own destiny!

OM. Peace. Love


Teacher and Therapist


I am a Qualified yoga teacher, with experience in yoga for the past 15 years. I trained in Hatha yoga with the Sivananda Institute. 
I am also a qualified Regression Therapist trained with Tasso International, a Tibetan Sound Healer and I share the love of Cacao healing.

With the different Modalities I offer, my hope is to bring some peace, joy and love to your life. 

Shivnee Ratna
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