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Therapy Session
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What is
Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is based on 2 radiantly simple premises.


The first premise is that nothing falls out of the blue. Every problem started somewhere. If we find out where, when and how, we can do something about it. As our current situation is usually different from the situation at hand, and as we are older and more experienced now, reliving of the original situation creates both understanding and distance. Especially when we are helped with a wise therapist. 

The second premise is that time doesn't heal all wounds - especially those wounds we keep scratching, consciously or unconsciously. If we understand how and why we do that, we can start doing something about the wound. like healing it for example. 

Sometimes, reliving the beginning of the problem is enough. Other times, we find a rather trivial beginning. In which case, resolving the problem is more about breaking a pattern, a vicious circle, or even a survival mechanism. It always helps to understand how a major problem can grow from a small beginning. Where an ass falls, it shall never fall again. We need to find out why we fell in the first place, and why we kept falling. 

Every healing starts with facing and understanding the facts. A few times is a good start, but always is a great habit. 

Deep Healing and Transformation - Hans TenDam

Sessions usually take anywhere from 2-3 hours including an initial face to face consultation followed by the regression session. 

Sessions start from £120. 

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